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Moving On Up - Part Six

It was exactly 1 year ago that the cover of the Santa Cruz Sentinel announced "Staff of Life natural foods store to expand at new Eastside location"   We had just finalized the purchase of the building the week before. Work immediately began with consultants, architects, and electricians designing the new space. Working with the owners and management, the team was able to create a plan that keeps the “traditional feel” of our current location while making necessary improvements including; more parking, wider aisles, a much improved design to allow for increased efficiency and more shelf space.


This new store qualifies for the Santa Cruz Green Building Award, since we were able to include many of the requirements into the design, including; On-Site Waste Composting, Bio-Swales to purify run off water, Energy Efficient Variable Speed Motors and Compressors for refrigeration, and a Computerized Energy Management System with Light Harvesting.


In April of this year we “broke ground” on the new building. Demolition started in May. You can follow the progress from that point by following the Movin On Up series on our website in the What's New? section.


Which brings us to today's update. We installed our first piece of new equipment! The produce department will have new “state of the art” coolers inside of a dedicated and upgraded Produce Prep Area with manager's office, cutting and rinsing stations in addition to the coolers.

These coolers have more space and are more energy efficient than our current ones. They are solid enough to last forever. This will allow us to bring you an expanded produce section with wider selection.

Framing is moving quickly along the back of the building, which will have (from the left of the pic above) the warehouse, kitchen, and bakery, as well as support the second floor offices. The 2 framed sections in the middle of the picture are the kitchen. The concrete “boxes” just in front of the framework will be the location of the walk-in coolers and freezer for the kitchen.

Also, the floor has been set for the restrooms, as you can see above . . .

There is a lot happening at the new location. All of the concrete inside the building has been poured. By the end of this week they should be done with all the concrete in the lot outside the building. Our new building will have over 4 times the current amount of parking, over 100 spaces! This month we are scheduled to finish covering the roof, perform “ street improvement” and we are expecting more equipment to be delivered and installed .


Thanks for supporting your Local Natural Foods Market and Bakery – We couldn't do this without you, and we wouldn't do it without you. Stay tuned, more to come for sure !